Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rain + warm weather = Lots of growth!

We've had a good amount of rain every day for the past week, so the seeds are really taking off. I first saw sprouts three days ago. Since then, the plants that had sprouted are growing quickly. I also have new growth.
I've seen a lot of difference with the eight-ball zucchini plants

The gre
en beans are also looking very healthy, with all nine plants in each square pushing up through the dirt.

The radishes have all sprouted. I only planted one square. I know I like radishes, but I'm not sure if everyone else has acquired a taste for them.

(Sorry for the crazy formatting on the pictures . . . still learning the ropes on blogging.)

Scott was wondering whether he drilled enough drainage holes in the bottom of the boxes. We followed the directions in Square Foot Gardening and drilled one hole per square. I guess we'll see if that's enough drainage.

I'm going to have to come up with another way of labeling my plants, too. We cut strips from an empty gallon milk jug and wrote on it with a permanent marker. I noticed today that some of the lettering has already worn off. Good thing I sketched my garden boxes and labeled what I put in each square! I have some wooden popsicle sticks in my storage room at school. I think those might wear better over time, so I'll bring a handful home tomorrow.


Jeffrey T. Meyer said...

It is not possible to grow anything during the summer? I am from Indiana, I do not know.


Kim said...

No, it's way too hot in the summer. Everything just cooks in the sun!