Sunday, November 16, 2008

oops, don't think I've forgotten about you!

Things are growing, don't worry! I've harvested a few radishes, I have a few small zucchini that will be ready soon, and maybe a tiny salad soon. My peas aren't looking so healthy - they have a few small pods on them, but the plants themselves have stopped growing. The rosemary? Tango Uniform.

Yesterday we went to the Boca Green Market for the very first time. It's been running for 4 or 5 years, but I never managed to make it there. Scott and I checked it out, and ended up buying a few things. We came home with bunches of rosemary (since mine died) and sage (Thanksgiving is coming soon!) for $1.25 each. Considering how much we pay in Publix for teeny little packages of fresh herbs, this was such a deal! We also got two fist-sized shallots for a buck apiece. Green and red bell peppers were decently priced, so we snagged a few. I think we'll definitely go back there, at least until the garden is producing more. There's also a green market at one of the local high schools on Sunday mornings. Not sure if it's the same bunch of vendors, so we'll probably check it out soon.

Scott is impressed with the garden (maybe more so with the fact that I haven't killed anything yet). The other day he said, "There isn't enough stuff!" Well, honey, that means you need to construct some more garden boxes for me! I think if I had more garden, I'd plant spinach and broccoli at least. Not sure what else, but I'll think about it and figure something out.

I'll try to get out with the camera today and get some pictures. Cold front coming through. For us, that means temps in the 70s all week. I know, I know, you're feeling my pain!

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